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Biosphere Landscape

The Spreewald (German for „Spree forest) is situated 100 km south-east of Berlin, it is considered a unique cultural landscape in Central Europe. Here the river Spree is diverted into a labyrinth of channels (called ‘Fließe’) – a consequence of the last Ice Age 20 000 years ago. Meadows, fields and forests along the waterways and channels themselves are habitats for around 19000 animal and plant species, many of which already died out or are threatened with extinction in other regions. The Biosphere Reserve Spreewald was founded in 1990 to preserve and at the same time develop the cultural landscape, which was formed during many centuries. In 1991 the protected area of 480 square kilometres was acknowledged by the UNESCO, so that it became part of a worldwide operating reserve network. At the same time it is an important part of  the reserve system in the Federal State of Brandenburg. 20 percent of the area of the Biosphere Reserve is declared the nature protection area, the remaining part became landscape conservation area.

FÖNAS - Sponsoring Association for Nature Conservation in the Spreewald

The Development Association pursues the goal to preserve the character and beauty of the fluvial topography, the water-meadow landscapes in the Spreewald, to permanently avoid the risk of damage and to develop ecologically valuable measures.
The association sees itself as a platform for all, who want to engage into nature conservation in the Spreewald and are particularly interested in the implementation of the project for the riparian zone in the Spreewald. Beside the professional and financial support for the project we see our mission in the public relations.

Isabell Hiekel (chairwoman)
Schulstr. 9
03222 Lübbenau/Spreewald
E-Mail: Isabell.Hiekel(at)